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Patricia Strand - Fine Artist

Patricia Strand

Patricia Strand

Olympia, WA - United States

Welcome to my portfolio of fine art photography. Most of my prints are available in standard sizes to allow you to do your own framing. Fine Art America offers beautiful framing, as well. I hope you’ll enjoy browsing through my galleries and trying different options. Comments and inquiries are always welcomed.

A bit more about me:

In my college days, I took as many art classes as I could manage while studying English Literature. Ironically, I got the better grades in art, particularly in design. That should have told me something! But I considered myself a “word person,” and I was not going to be dissuaded from writing the next great American novel. Alas, that didn’t happen, and I spent many years in the business world, which included a wonderful career as a corporate paralegal in Silicon Valley. When the dot com bust ended that segment of my life, I began to explore art once again and retired early. I now happily create art through photography, my chosen medium. I work to combine my affinity for design with photography, using various techniques to create expressive and decorative art works.

My brother, a painter, is also a member of Fine Art America. You can check out his gallery at

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